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  • I find the system really useful (and it's rather addictive!). It's allowed me to drive the recirculation rate up from about 21% to about 40% already on the News & Star. The aggregated real-time stats also allow us to make informed decisions about when to stick and when to change content. We were guessing before, now we have something concrete to work with.
    Ian Brogden
    Online Editor at CM Media
  • I’m a journalist, not an IT specialist, and I must admit that diagrams, charts and visuals provided to us by you are very user friendly. The additional advantage is that your team works very fast, always listening to our suggestions and implementing changes in the interface of the panel.
    Michał Stąporek
    Deputy editor-in-chief at
  • Only thing I have to say for .io, that it is awesome, it really helps us a lot. Everything that might be interesting to one analyst is there. I have to say that we improved our work, we managed to show our journalists what is and how much exactly read. There is nothing that I would like to change in .io. Thank you very much for corporation, I believe that we will work for a long time.
    Media Planner & Media Research at
  • IO's solution is fully disruptive and have changed completly the way we concept and develop our editorial business. It's a mandatory service
    Content vice president at NZN Group